Looking at my spambox, I noticed an invitation from OMICSGROUP for the 3rd International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change in the USA. The invitation addressed me in my full name, therefore not a spam bot. While I have a history in environmental activism, and academic interests in sustainability and resilience topics, but sure by far I have no knowledge of geoscience presentable in a science conference.  At the same time the links in the email were pointing to different address , i.e indiannature(dot)biz (was cautious enough to check it by hovering the link and not clicking). And at last why this ended up in my spambox?

The simple search on the internet revealed the facts so fast: “OMICS Group Conferences – Sham or Scam? (Either way, don’t go to one!)”  , and “OMICS Goes from “Predatory Publishing” to “Predatory Meetings””, Also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OMICS_Publishing_Group  . I had similar cases before  where even once I received a paper letter  for a conference in Spain. The full name that they use can join these two together , somehow supporting the idea that there is some conference-centric spam/predatory email list, circulating around between similar organizations (or a single one with different names) for at least 10 years.  The list was resilient against the fact the abusers were exposed probably several times, legal threats have been applied to them and their emails end up in spamboxes, and still it is a working email list. A resilient piece of information, isn’t that?

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